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Complete Project Management

Constructive Renovations oversees the process from A to Z to include: bid procurement and approval, start/completion dates, deadlines, inspections, quality control, payment and much more.

Full Documentation of Communication

Utilizing our custom software solution, we are able to update daily activities for each individual property. This information is stored on our site for all parties involved to access.

Quality Control

Constructive Renovations ensures that all repairs are completed in a professional manner. Each item on the bid form must be accompanied with before, during, and after photos. Once all work has been deemed acceptable, a final check is completed and signed off by the Broker or a Constructive Renovation Quality Control Rep on-site. 

Lien Waiver Process

Constructive Renovations Contractors and Repair Specialists are well versed with state specific partial & final notarized lien waivers. No job is considered completed until all proper waivers are uploaded into our custom software solution and originals are received via mail prior to payment.

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Insurance & Licensing Analysis

Constructive Renovations procures estimates from our vast preferred vendor network covering all 50 states. Each contractor must maintain our mandatory license and insurance qualifications.

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Vendor Screening & Approval

Constructive Renovations is the industry leader in the construction management field.  The team has developed a time and cost-effective process for managing your REO assets from beginning to end.

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Permit Review

Our seasoned quality control representatives work directly with contractors and building departments to ensure proper permits and inspections are handled in a professional manner.

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Bid Procurement & Review

Our Repair Specialists understand the importance of procuring estimates in a timely fashion without jeopardizing the quality of the estimate. Our estimates take into consideration the brokers wish list, inspection deficiencies, and any additional repairs identified from our networked contractors and repair specialists. 

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Repair Timelines

Constructive Renovations Repair Specialists understand time is of the essence, therefore we work hard to have repairs completed in a timely fashion. Due dates are provided for each project and our Repair Specialists check in with each vendor at least twice per week to make sure we are on target for meeting these due dates.

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