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Thank you for working with Constructive Renovations. Please take a look at the below 'Broker Protocols' to ensure quality work is performed on all assets. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.

Broker Protocols

  • The on-boarding process begins with the Asset Manager (A.M) assigning the Broker on the mandatory IRF. 
    Asset Manager will attach BPO’s and comparables along with any current photo addendum.

  • All utilities should be turned ON during pre-marketing. If utilities cannot be turned on, the reason must be mentioned on the Initial Request Form aka 'IRF'. PDF 

  • An email alert will be sent to the Broker providing instructions on how to complete, sign-off, and submit the IRF back to the A.M.

  • Once reviewed, the IRF form is also signed off by the A.M, certifying that all information is correct.

  • During this time, current asset photos will be uploaded by Broker via Constructive Renovations Photo Management Site.  Link

  • SPOC reviews information, documents and submits for bid request via Constructive Renovations App.

  • Broker will be contacted by Phase 1 Repair Specialist to confirm IRF accuracy and utility status remains as noted.

  • Once inspections and estimates are obtained & reviewed by C.R & SPOC, the Broker will be contacted to schedule a pre-walk for scope review on all necessary repairs.

  • Broker will then meet contractor on-site to finalize work scope prior to approval.

  • It’s required for Brokers to perform weekly walk-throughs and provide updates regarding approved repairs and any concerns/challenges to the Phase 3 coordinator.

  • Upon completion, Broker will perform a final walk-through and submit the mandatory broker sign off document or punch list if necessary to be accompanied by pictures for each line item on the approval. Link

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